Thursday, November 15, 2007

Down with the HS

My Home Study is Saturday morning, so between now and then I have a few things to do:
~Tidy up the house
~Clean bathrooms and kitchen
~Vacuum and wash the kitchen floor
(I am not going crazy with the cleaning, just doing what I would normally do to have people over)
~Review paperwork and make sure everything is in order
~Make copies of a few things
~Figure out how to address the "male role model" issue

BUT, because Abigail's b-day party is Saturday afternoon, I also have a few other things to do:
~Make cupcakes
~Re-do the party favors (a few more kids RSVPed so now I have to redistribute the loot.)
~Fill balloons and hang streamers
~Figure out what furniture to move to make room for 9 girls ages 3-6
~Finish the laundry so that Abigail has her "favorite" stuff to wear
~Decide, and make, whatever I am making for dinner for the grown-up "helpers" (John's mom is making chili- what else should I have besides cornbread?)
~Make a playlist of princess songs
~Put away breakable things

So, that is where things stand with the HS. I am not really worried or worked up about it, but I do hope we have nice weather. And that someone will pick up the balloons for me.

Any advice- about the HS or the party?

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Mamá to the best 2 said...

good for you! i think the best advice for the HS is to NOT get wked up.. honestly, I was so relieved after ours, and yet I'm not sure why! just be honest and then have FUN at your sweetie's b-day!!!