Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dear Nugget

Dear Nugget,

I understand that you are living in pretty cramped conditions. It's probably fairly boring in there, and the constant thumping of my heart must be monotonous. I am sure you wish you could see the vibrant spring colors and smell the heavy weight of lilacs in the air. I get it- you need a hobby, because there's not much else for you to do right now.

But please, Nugget, could you consider a hobby other than giving Momma constant heartburn? Honestly, feeling like my esophagus is burning a hole through my throat and an angry wad of fire is about to errupt from my neck and strangle me is surprisingly unpleasent. And when I lay down and that that firepit in my throat ALSO happens to burn in my nose and ears? Yes, also very unpleasent. Not to mention, Momma is quickly running out of Tums.

If you would be so kind as to look for another hobby, I would be happy to provide you with more stimulation, such as the sound of your father snoring- a sound which you might be missing right now, since I can't lay down in bed. Other hobbies that would be appropriate right now include: karate (for the next 10-15 weeks, then we would probably have to look into a new hobby), swallowing your own amniotic fluid, or writing poetry.

Hope you are as comfortable as possible. Hope you know your sisters kiss you every day. Hope you find a new hobby!



Faith said...

Hope you post pictures soon

Anonymous said...

I agree with Faith! :)