Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bumps in the Road

So, we knew going into this pregnancy that there was a higher likelihood of experiencing some difficulties than a normal woman of my age and relative health would have with pregnancy. We consulted with several physicians before attempting to conceive, and came up with plans for how to approach and manage these potential complications.

And so far, everything that we thought would be a problem has turned out okay. Just had a cervix check yesterday, and everything looks healthy and fantastic and my body is keeping the baby way it needs to be.

But, there have been some other bumps in the road:(

I had been having some shortness of breath- not unusual in pregnancy because of the extra blood volume and weight, etc. But on Monday, that shortness of breath was also accompanied by some chest pain. Off we went to the ER, where we also found that my oxygen level was much lower than it should be when I was walking around (but okay when I was resting.)

A slew of tests, doctors appointments, and labs ensued ... and we still have no good answers. We know what it's NOT, but we don't know what it IS. This is frustrating, although knowing that the worst case scenarios have been ruled out is reassuring.

So, as of today, I am officially on bed rest until cleared by more specialists and my OB. Hopefully, these symptoms will turn out to be transient, perhaps related to a virus or something like that which is not immediately apparent but easily resolved. Only time will tell.

In the mean time, I will leave you with a few happier thoughts:

When we told the kids we were having a baby, I gave Anna a lemon to show her how little the baby was. For a week, she carried the lemon around- in pockets, purses, or just in her hand- and referred to it as her baby. Then she kind of forgot about it, as 3 year olds are prone to do. Until the other day at the grocery....

Anna: look Momma, a baby!
Me: that's a lemon, not a baby.
Anna: yeah!


Anna: Momma, I take the baby for the roller.
Me: what?
Anna: for the roller.
Me: the what?
Anna: the roller! Like this! (and proceeds to push her baby stroller into the bathroom.)


Me: Abigail, what should we name the baby if it's a girl?
Abigail: Um, I like the name Anabelle.
Me: Don't you think it would be confusing to have an Anna and an Anabelle?
Abigail: No, because Anabelle is spelled A-N-A and  Anna is spelled A-N-N-A.
Me: I see.


Teta: Abigail, what should we name the baby?
Abigial: Well, I thnk Claire for a girl or Walter for a boy.
Teta: Those are nice names. Anna, what should we call the baby if it's a sister?
Anna: Take a nap.
Teta: And what if it's a boy?
Anna: Eat. And poop.


Kim Foo said...

what a mooshbucket! i love the image in my head of the little one running around with a lemon. hehe. when my bff got pregnant she found out in the bathroom with me at work and we immediately ran to the computer to look up what a baby at the estimated age would look like in the belly. turned out to look like a fish, so we started calling the baby "fish" or "fishstick". Gio is 4 years old now and we still call him fishy or The Fish. so maybe there are some lemony nicknames in the little one's future. :)

E and K said...

Awesome names Anna, lol!