Saturday, May 8, 2010

Birthmother's Day

I tried to explain to Anna that there was a baby in my tummy, and in a few months, we will be able to hold and kiss and love our baby. She didn't get it. I handed her a lemon to show her how little the baby is now, and I am pretty convinced that she thought the lemon was the baby. She carries her lemon around and kisses it and calls it "my baby."

We were talking last night about the baby in my tummy, and Anna said "in your tummy, just like me." I explained again that Anna didn't grow in my tummy, but that she came to live in our family so that we could love her hand hug her and kiss her. This was the first time I think she really understood the difference between a baby that grows in your tummy and a baby that comes to your family another way.

Then we talked about Anna's first mom, her birth mom. At 3, I really don't know how much she understands, but I hope she understands how much I love, appreciate, and respect this woman who trusted me with such a wonderful child.

Today, the day before Mother's Day, is Birthmother's Day. Today we honor the first mothers, who, through their gift, gave us the blessing of motherhood through adoption.


Gaia said...

Amen to that. Blessings to you this Mother's day

Cindy said...