Thursday, March 13, 2008

My Fat Free Pregnancy

I was talking to the director of Abigail's school and updating her on the adoption process. As a momma to 3, she totally understands the "waiting" as well as the interesting take that older kids have on waiting for their new sibling.

Me: I love when we are out in public, and Abigail makes a comment about "when my new sister gets here..." And then everyone automatically looks at my stomach! It's so funny.

Director: Hey guys, it's not in there!

Me: Nope! This is my fat-free pregnancy:)

And those who know me now may say what they want about how I wasn't "fat" when I was pregnant, but let me just say this: I gained 48 pounds in 17 weeks when Abigail was cooking in my tummy, and 48 pounds is a lot of weight. And I think I carried all 48 pounds in my face.

I much prefer this "fat free" way:)


Chris & Jess said...

Hmmmm....we may need a pregnancy picture here. :)

Mamá to the best 2 said...

yes, my kind of pregnancy :D