Sunday, March 9, 2008


Q: Is it safe to travel in Ethiopia? Aren't you worried about taking Abigail?

A: Here is info provided by my agency in their travel packet for families who will be traveling to Ethiopia:

In a short answer, yes it is very safe! Every so often, there are reports concerning conflicts and skirmishes particularly along the border. You might also hear the jihadists are declaring a “holy war” between the Somali Muslims and the Ethiopian Christians. Remember that Ethiopia is about twice the size of Texas and most incidents in the past are taking place in the outer districts (near the border) and are being provoked by non Ethiopian citizens. Also, remember that our media is in the business of sensationalizing events in order to whet the appetite of the American public.

Gladney has American staff currently living in Ethiopia and sends others from the U.S. several times a year. We would not be doing so if we knew it to be a danger. Also, the State Department has a website to inform interested parties of situations occurring in Ethiopia. You may monitor the State Department site at . You will be accompanied in your daily outings by either one of the Gladney staff or a trusted English speaking driver in whom Gladney has confidence.

So, basically, my agency says it's safe, the government says it's safe, previous travelers have not had any safety concerns, and I will be with a very protective group of people going to very safe places. No, I'm not worried about our safety, and I hope you aren't, either!

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