Sunday, October 28, 2007

Paper vs. Preggers

So, I have been making a list of things I like about adopting vs. being pregnant, and things about pregnancy that I like better than adopting. For those who have done (or are doing both, ahem, Emily) feel free to add to each list!

Things I like more about adopting:
~ No morning sickness! (for those who don't know, I puked 6 x day for 34 weeks when I was preggers with Abigail!)
~ No weight gain.
~ No need for wardrobe changes.
~ No hot flashes/swollen feet/pelvic pressure.
~ Easier to "share" the experience with others (as in, this experience is not a series of "hurry over and feel the baby kick- oh, you missed it!" but more of a "look at my I171H that I got in the mail today!")
~ Does not require a male :)
~ No labor.
~ Can skip early infancy and the related breastfeeding-around-the-clock chaos.

Things I like more about pregnancy:
~ Defined time frame (9 months- or less!- and the deal is done.)
~ More "emotional connection" (maybe this will develop more for me as I get farther along in the process?)
~ "I'm eating for 2!" excuse. (related- the "the baby wants White Castle!" excuse)
~ Feeling more and more beautiful as your belly grows.
~ Cleavage.
~ Breastfeeding and the subsequent weight loss.
~ Connecting to the general population (especially other moms) due to being (obviously) pregnant (everyone smiles at pregnant women:)
~ Closeness to my mom because of similar experiences.

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Mamรก to the best 2 said...

love the list.. a few more things i LOVE about adoption :

~ the cultural experience, you'd never learn that much about another culture in the hospital delivery room

~ being able to educate others about adoption, when they ask about your beautiful child

and so far with pregnancy i have loved NOT filling out any paperwk!
the funny part is if we were trying to adopt another child in our current apartment, our social worker would probably have to turn us down. With this baby, i haven't had to read any bks (unless I want), i haven't had to take a cpr class, i haven't had to get approval from anyone :) Kinda nice!!