Monday, October 22, 2007


All of the documents in my dossier have to be "authenticated" or "apostilled" before sending them to Ethiopia. This is because Ethiopia is Hague Convention compliant, and this is a step in the US to ensure that the US is sending authentic documents to ET.

This is a step past certified or notarized. It must take place at the state level.

So, I had to send my certified birth certificate BACK to Michigan to get it apostilled. It cost $1.

When my certified divorce decree comes in from Illinois, I will have to send it BACK to Springfield to get it authenticated. That costs $2.

All of the rest of my documents that originate in PA... such as the statements from my bank, my employer, notarized copies of my birth certificates, etc.... those I will be able to take to the Capitol in Harrisburg and have apostilled...

AT $15 PER DOCUMENT!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, does that seem wrong to you?

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