Wednesday, February 2, 2011


So, I don't really buy much for myself in terms of clothing. I have a few basic items and may buy things I need (such as nurisng gear and socks without holes) but I don't have a very big wardrome. Especially right now, since I refuse to buy much that fits my (current) size... (because I am going to lose this baby weight!)

But these things are tempting me...

Ordinary Hero Speak Up Shirt:

Ordinary Hero Tote:

And for my little dude, this Ordinary Hero onesie:

These items are available at a special price over at the Ordinary Hero Blog. They are also accepting sign-ups for their adoption/mission trip partner fundraisers. If you are trying to fundraise for an adoption or mission trip, you should definitly check out this partnership.

My birthday is in May, in case you are feeling generous:)

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