Saturday, January 8, 2011


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I am seriously jonesin' for this tote, mug, car decal, and t-shirt (over at the Minus 1 Project). Seriously, one of the best adoption t-shirts I have seen.

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My girls got these t-shirt for Christmas from my sister, courtesy of Calling Orphans Home. Seriously cute. I wouldn't mind one of those either:)

What are your favorite adoption/orphan care fundraiser products?


Amy said...

Adorable shirt!!!

My Thoughts said...

I love that bag. The shirt is cute too of course. I am new to your blog (just found it a couple of minutes ago through a comment you left on Brianna's blog) and am excited about getting myself caught up on your journey. Our family is trying to fundraise to help cover some of the costs of our adoption. Stop by blog if you'd like and take a look at what we have going on. You can find us at I just put up our first adoption fundraiser post. Thanks for sharing your journey with your readers.