Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Almost 2 and writing a letter...

Anna will be 2 in a little over a week. I cannot believe that she has been home a full 6 months!

I have compiled a photo album for her birthmom and will be including a few pieces of artwork Anna has created as well as a letter from me (and one from Abigail) in the package I send.

I am kind of at a standstill in writing this letter; it is just so difficult to know what I should- or shouldn't- include. I mean, the photos speak for themselves. Anna is smiling, growing, well-loved. But if I was her birthmom, separated by thousands of miles and cultural differences, what would I want to know?

Sure, I would want to know that Anna is growing, and what she is doing developmentally. But what I would really want is to know if she is truly happy. How do I express that to a woman whose cultural differences may mean that happiness is much different than what I think it is?

And then there are the little things... do I call her "Anna" or "Misrak"? Do I mention that Anna will soon have a daddy? Do I talk about moving, and swimming lessons, and the scores of dogs that Anna chases after each times she sees them?

I don't know. I really want to reassure her birthmother's heart- a heart that is still so full of love for Anna. But how do I do that?

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

If you write it from your heart, no matter what you say it will be perfect and exactly what should be said.

Rebecca said...

I think this must be one of the most difficult letters to write. However, I don't think that you can give too much. You can't tell her enough about the things that Anna is doing. Imagine being her shoes. I would want to know every single detail.

Madison said...

I agree with Rebecca. However, I haven't been in your shoes. I have been struggling over meeting our children's birthmother when we travel. I so want to honor and respect cultural differences, but don't really know how to do that yet. I know you will write the perfect letter, one that is shared from one mom to another.

Nikki said...

Sorry! That previous post was actually written by me. Madison was using my computer and I didn't realize she was logged in!

Adopting1Soon said...

i would include lots of little details. She will want to reread and imagine Anna over and over and deetails help. I would def. call her Misrak in the letter it's respectful.